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Create a Social Media Engagement Strategy to Drive Connection

Over the past decade, social networking has emerged as a way to connect with constituencies. Ten years ago, the most popular social media platforms were MySpace and Facebook. Now, credible options include Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr among others. This boom is partially because of a shift in users’ mentality. Ten years ago, social networks were a novelty. Now, they are ubiquitous and a key part of how we communicate.

Regardless of how large a business is, a social presence has become virtually nonnegotiable. Companies want to be present on the channels their customers use, so it makes sense to use these online communities to interact with customers through advertising and personal messaging. This helps to humanize large companies and build loyalty among their followers.

But a basic presence on a social network is not enough for companies to connect with existing customers — Read the rest of this article on TechTarget.com

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