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Why Killing Customer Data Silos Can Win You Customers

Your company wants customers. And customers? They want a great experience. That means getting what they want when they want it. Here’s one secret about how you learn to do that: Have your sales, marketing and service departments tear down the walls between customer data silos.

Company departments have individual needs for customer data. The sales department might track open leads and compare them to closed sales. The marketing department might track campaign visibility and click-through rates. The service department might track call volume and average time spent on a call. These metrics can be helpful within the department that collected them, but today’s competitive landscape requires combining data silos to create better relationship with customers. Valuable customer data cannot focus only on what an individual department needs; it must focus on adapting processes and technology in ways that provides better service to the customer.

Indeed, it’s difficult to create metrics that give true insight if you’re looking at them in isolation. Take these examples: A sales team’s lead-to-close ratio is too high, but that’s because more leads are coming in — Read the rest of this article on TechTarget.com

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