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Mobile location-based services teeter on ethical line

The first time I browsed the web, I was 8 years old. My parents caught me, sat me down and said, “If you ever go on the internet, never share your phone number, address or name.” I followed that advice for years, but today we live by different rules.

How much do you value your privacy? Maybe a better question might be: How much would you pay to be anonymous? Today, with new technologies that can pinpoint your preferences, purchases, location and more, anonymity is becoming more than a precious commodity — it’s becoming impossible to achieve.

New approaches to sales and marketing are all about gathering customer data that is quite personal. Consumers are often willing to give up this data in return for discounts and other offers that give them exclusive information. But companies and consumers need to be careful about how they gather and yield this information. It can easily step over the line. Consider mobile location-based services (LBS). Read the rest of this article on TechTarget.com

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