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Marketing Automation Platform Needs Integration – Not Features

Given its industry and corporate strategy, the company I work for has six unique sales channels, each operating with its own products and services. This mandates a personalized marketing style and can create a headache when identifying where to allocate precious resources. The struggle is prioritizing our marketing efforts to help each channel. Do we allocate heavy resources into a channel that has doubled in growth every year, or a more established channel that generates a substantial amount of the company’s revenue? This has forced …

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How Predictive Marketing Analytics is Revolutionizing Your Department

The goal of marketing is to capture attention and convey a message. But doing so has become increasingly difficult given the flood of data available in the market and the volume of stimuli we encounter daily. Companies are constantly vying for the focus of new constituents. Millions of dollars are spent every year — or, in some cases, every minute — to achieve this goal. This is why viral marketing is such a boon for marketers. Being “viral” is defined as circulating quickly from person …

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Wearable Technologies Still Need to Hit Their Enterprise Stride

Wearable technology is a $7 billion industry with predictions to more than double by 2019. The primary source of this market growth will be from Millennials (who are between the ages of 15 and 35). This generational group is quickly adopting wearables and the wearable technology market is migrating from fad to developing trend as competition and application continue to develop. Wearable technology includes many forms of technology that a user can attach to his body, including eyewear, wristbands or even microchips that track a …

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Mobile Location-Based Services Require Customer Trust

Today, customers have far more control in their interactions with companies — whether that’s in the course of purchasing products, getting deals or for some other reason. Many factors have contributed to the shift, but one thing is clear: The voice of the customer has become paramount, and customers are driving the bus on purchasing. And, as customers increasingly operate with the proliferation of communication channels –from social media to mobile devices to the company’s website to traditional phone calls — companies have had to …

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Developing a Social Media Presence Starts with the Right Platform

Companies want to be where their customers are. Today, that means companies need to develop a digital presence. Whether it means using a company website to offer customers help or investing in new technology that opens communication channels such as live chat or video chat, companies have to view their customer service offerings as starting online. With customer service becoming digital, companies must be ready to interact with customers on social media. Customers can express affinity or disdain for brands on these networks, and it’s …

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