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Create a Social Media Engagement Strategy to Drive Connection

Over the past decade, social networking has emerged as a way to connect with constituencies. Ten years ago, the most popular social media platforms were MySpace and Facebook. Now, credible options include Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr among others. This boom is partially because of a shift in users’ mentality. Ten years ago, social networks were a novelty. Now, they are ubiquitous and a key part of how we communicate. Regardless of how large a business is, a social presence has become virtually …

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Enterprise Video Metrics a Must to Measure Success

Reaching customers with immediacy gets more difficult every day. Attention spans have become shorter and companies have to wade through a pile of competing signals to get customers’ attention. Some companies have found that video can cut through the white noise and create a more immediate signal that customers can grab on to. Video is effective because only 7% of all communication is verbal; 93% is conveyed through inflection, body language and tone. In 2014, Cisco found that 64% of all Internet traffic came from …

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Why Destiny is Killing Me


Destiny gets so much right, I feel bad saying it’s killing me. The game controls are solid. The audio is top-notch. The character “feel” is organic, fluid and responsive without feeling blocky. The scenery is gorgeous, and the cinematic cut scenes are framed well. They even make you eager to see how they will build the universe. But the storytelling is lackluster. The missions are repetitive. The loot system is a laugh-out-loud riot. The “end game” requires you to have a clan or other close-nit …

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Cats: Day 68

We adopted two cats on 11/29/2014. It has been 68 days since they entered our lives and since then, I have learned quite a bit about the cat species. Not being particularly adept at pet care (as seen by my prior post here), the learning curve was fairly steep. Below are those highlights. Cats Will Barf Apparently, this just happens. Its not “common”. They just do it. Google that little factoid and it’ll tell you “Yeah. It happens. Just make sure they’re not sick or slowly …

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How I Ended Up with Two Cats

Owning a pet and growing up with a pet are two completely different experiences. When you grow up with a pet, they’re supposed to be your buddy. You play with them and include them in your imagination stories. You pick them up and run around the front yard making “SWOOSH!” and dogfight noises. “The Red Barron won’t get away from us this time, Lieutenant Whiskers! Engage the afterburners!!” They’re your pal. They’re your friend. Not true with me. They were my science experiments. I think I typed …

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