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These articles are about my personal life. Plain and simple. My thoughts, views, and (sometimes) unfiltered.

Prepare for Your Rhine Getaway Viking Cruise

You may have seen the commercials for the Rhine Getaway Viking Cruise on television or online and thought to yourself “That looks marvelous!” The majestic three-story high,  four-hundred foot long viking cruise ship seamlessly gliding through the water and surrounded by gorgeous landscape. Flashes of high-culture and decadence swirl around your mind’s eye. Soon enough, you have gone through the viking cruise website, found your package, and booked the plane ticket. So… Now what? Let’s be real here. You just dropped a pretty substantial penny for this experience …

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers!)

This weekend, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was released in America and I have no doubt it is going to blow away any box office leaders. It was visually inspiring, progressed well, and stayed true to the older movies. I’m writing this article because I am a huge Star Wars fan. That’s pretty much it. I want to write down my thoughts so they can bounce off my “Star Wars Fan-ily” (Get it? Did I stretch that “Family” pun too far?). I want to start discussing what this …

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My Thirty Thoughts at 30

30 is the first milestone year that really gets you thinking. Up until now, milestones get sprinkled all throughout life. 10 – DOUBLE DIGITS, BABY! 13 – Teenager! Yes! 16 – I can drive a car now! 18 – I can do WHATEVER I WANT?!? 21 – I can DRINK and do WHATEVER I WANT?!? 25 – I’m saving HOW MUCH on car insurance?!? 30 – …??? 30 is the first year that society doesn’t tell you who you are. You don’t get any special benefits. It’s just another …

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Cats: Day 68

We adopted two cats on 11/29/2014. It has been 68 days since they entered our lives and since then, I have learned quite a bit about the cat species. Not being particularly adept at pet care (as seen by my prior post here), the learning curve was fairly steep. Below are those highlights. Cats Will Barf Apparently, this just happens. Its not “common”. They just do it. Google that little factoid and it’ll tell you “Yeah. It happens. Just make sure they’re not sick or slowly …

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How I Ended Up with Two Cats

Owning a pet and growing up with a pet are two completely different experiences. When you grow up with a pet, they’re supposed to be your buddy. You play with them and include them in your imagination stories. You pick them up and run around the front yard making “SWOOSH!” and dogfight noises. “The Red Barron won’t get away from us this time, Lieutenant Whiskers! Engage the afterburners!!” They’re your pal. They’re your friend. Not true with me. They were my science experiments. I think I typed …

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