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Mobile location-based services teeter on ethical line

The first time I browsed the web, I was 8 years old. My parents caught me, sat me down and said, “If you ever go on the internet, never share your phone number, address or name.” I followed that advice for years, but today we live by different rules. How much do you value your privacy? Maybe a better question might be: How much would you pay to be anonymous? Today, with new technologies that can pinpoint your preferences, purchases, location and more, anonymity is …

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Predictive marketing analytics illuminates best sales leads

Being able to foretell the future would make a lot of people’s jobs easier. Teachers would know which students are going to struggle on a test and could offer them extra attention, doctors could identify health problems before patients get sick and sales representatives would know which prospects to spend the most time courting. Luckily for the last group, predictive marketing analytics has emerged to help them anticipate and follow the right leads. This guide looks at how predictive marketing analytics can boost the efficiency …

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How to meet business needs with Salesforce AppExchange

For a CRM platform to serve business needs, it should be flexible. How does Microsoft stack up against Salesforce when it comes to building on top of the platform? One expert weighs in, here. Our company recently migrated from Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce CRM. The primary reason was the inability to customize the Dynamics platform to our sales model. Microsoft Dynamics can be less costly than Salesforce and may make sense if you’re a shop with a lot of installed Microsoft applications. However, other systems …

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When you buy CRM software, it’s a business decision

Many companies falter in buying CRM software because they don’t consider the decision in the context of their business needs and existing technology, advises an expert. As you begin to research and buy customer relationship management software, consider that your company’s particular attributes and situation are as crucial here as they are in other business decisions. You need to think about your organization’s existing technology portfolio, staff and skill sets, as well as your business objectives, before you begin. That’s because purchasing new technology requires …

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Why multichannel analytics is in your company’s future

Increasingly, companies need to merge data generated from multiple channels. But they are struggling with how to start with reliable data first. Omnichannel customer service enables companies to interact with and serve customers seamlessly regardless of the channel they choose — whether that’s on a company’s website, in email, by SMS text live chat or on social media. But data silos and operational hurdles have kept data and processes separate, which has stood in the way of solid omnichannel service. Getting accurate data has been …

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