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I’ve been a gamer since I’ve been a kid. Here’s what I think about the new (and retro) games.

Why Destiny is Killing Me


Destiny gets so much right, I feel bad saying it’s killing me. The game controls are solid. The audio is top-notch. The character “feel” is organic, fluid and responsive without feeling blocky. The scenery is gorgeous, and the cinematic cut scenes are framed well. They even make you eager to see how they will build the universe. But the storytelling is lackluster. The missions are repetitive. The loot system is a laugh-out-loud riot. The “end game” requires you to have a clan or other close-nit …

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Battlefield 4

Description WHAT: Video Game BY: EA Games & DICE CALLED: Battlefield 4 SINCE: Purchased on November 29th, 2013.   Summary First-person shooter with a focus on teamwork, destructive environments, and fast paced gameplay. The game mechanics are solid and encourage cooperation while rewarding individual skill. Customizing your loadout is intuitive and highly modifiable. The biggest downfall to the game are the long list of bugs, the lack of proper key binding (for PC), and the friendly AI in single player. Battlefield 4 has more breaking points than Walter White and …

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